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Abuse in fanfiction [Oct. 20th, 2013|12:33 am]
I’m just putting this out there, because abuse is a serious issue and I’m all for dealing with it in fanfiction. However, I do think it should be dealt with properly. I don’t like it when it’s used as a reason or an excuse for someone being horrible (unless they actually were abused). Here are some cases where it pops up in the Harry Potter fandom

  1. Snape was abused/neglected: Yes. We definitely see that and it does make his attitude understandable, maybe not completely justifiable, but it makes Snape more human and sympathetic

  2. Harry was neglected by the Dursleys: Yes, though the way they treated Dudley in some ways was also harmful. Safe to say the Dursleys aren’t good parents

  3. Malfoy was abused Ehh . . maybe? I don’t think so. In Deathly Hallows, the Malfoys clearly do love each other, and in Chamber of Secrets, we see Draco making demands for a present and we see him gloating a lot. Lucius may not be the best father, but I don’t see him as abusive. I think Malfoy was spoiled, if not by Lucius then probably by Narcissa. Plus, the whole moving Draco around with the cane bit is in the movies only, this doesn’t happen in the books, which are canon.

  4. Sirius was abused: Again, maybe? I don’t think there’s enough info to go by. I’m cautious about taking Sirius at his word too much, because well, he’s not exactly impartial. I don’t think the Blacks were the happiest family to grow up in, but I don’t know if I’d go as far as abusive. If it was, I'd say it was emotional.

  5. James and Lily are in an abusive relationship: I repeat my reaction in my Snapefen rant: Where does this come from? It’s not just insulting to James and Lily (Do you think Lily would take that? She clearly doesn’t take disrespect), it’s offensive. Ship or like who you want but don’t totally make thing up to justify it. Especially about something as serious as abuse.

  6. Merope was abused: Definitely

As I said, if you are going to deal with abuse in a fanfic be careful. It’s a serious matter that should be written with respect.